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If you own a home you know that mortgage financing at a good rate is the cornerstone of your finances. Click a link below for a rate quote form a licensed lender or mortgage broker in your area.

Mortgage Application Tips

Whether you are applying for a mortgage to finance your move into your first home, or are pulling a second mortgage to finance other fiscal needs, a standard rule applies: do your research. Even if you have applied for and received mortgages in the past, mortgage law and debt consolidation policies change frequently from state to state.

  • Apply to begin communicating with a mortgage broker in your area about applicable mortgage laws and regulations.
  • Take your time.
  • While interest rates fluctuate frequently, you have more than enough time to take a few months to properly assess your financial needs and opportunities before settling for a specific mortgage loan program. However, if you rush into a mortgage agreement because you are afraid of missing out on ideal interest rates, you may end up missing the fine print in your mortgage agreement or laws in your state. This could end up costing you not only more money, but also your home.

  • There are no stupid questions about mortgages.
  • You've heard it before and you'll hear it again. Ask everything. The only stupid question is the one that wasn't asked. When committing to a mortgage agreement, you are submitting to the terms and conditions of a package that will bear weight on your life for the next ten to thirty years-plenty of time to be kicking yourself, if you don't pay due diligence to the process now.

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